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StarVisionLED Flexible LED Video Curtain displays have an amazingly smooth and clear image. Why hassle with projectors and screens? These light weight and small volume flexible LED display can be packed in one small flight case. Additionally, all models have an IP44 rating making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Excellent for Nightclubs,concerts,Advertising,Exhibitions,Festivals,mobile roadshows and many more applications for LED video display.

StarvisionLED foldable LED video display curtain kits.Just like a carpet they can be fold up. So they can be easily transported and installed quickly. Even huge surfaces of the StarvisionLED LED curtains can be quickly mounted by only two persons in a very short time- to connect the different curtains is also very easy by just connecting the connectors between each curtain. Whether for clubs,concerts,festivals,advertising, halls, open airs, shop windows or exhibitions, the StarvisionLED LED curtains are suitable for any advertising and entertaining purposes. They meet the IP Code 44 and thus can be used outdoors. Ultra-bright tri-color SMD RGB LEDs are installed. They are capable of outputting up to 16.7 million colors, The real pixel pitch - one LED is able to deliver all RGB colors - guarantees high resolution full-color projection leaving nothing to be desired.
  Also, the curtains are available in different pixel pitches. Five versions are currently offered: with a pitch of 100mm,75mm, 50mm, 37.5mm,30mm, 25mm and 20mm. Customized StarvisionLED LED curtains can also be ordered in 1.6m sizes. All versions show videos, graphic applications and backdrops. You should mind to adapt the crowd's distance to the respective resolution. A standard laptop with 1 Gbps NIC and the optionally available AIO network control system is everything you need for controlling the curtains. The latter consists of a network interface and the LED Show T9 software. So, the control does not demand a huge effort. A real benefit especially for mobile use. Compatibility to others media software programs, such as MADRIX, is given as well. Moreover, by means of Sending and Receiving card you can operate the curtains via DVI. Quite important when you decide to work with video processors and pictures of live cams should be included.

StarvisionLED LED video curtain panels:
    * Flexible display panels with tri-color RGB LEDs (type SMD 5050) for bright and colorful projection of videos and graphics
    * Modular display concept allows the built-up of large areas, ideal for outdoor use with large viewing distances
    * Bendable and foldable PVC material suitable for various shapes, e.g. columns, circles, angles
    * Fast and uncomplicated installation, indoor and outdoor (IP 44)
    * Truss suspension via belts
    * Water-resistant and fire-retardant according to BS 5852/1
    * Low weight and small volume for convenient transport
    * Easy maintenance - LEDs can be replaced without difficulty
    * Controllable via optional network components and PC software
    * All-in-one control system T9 : network interface and software LED Show T9 - ideal system for mobile use with notebooks with 1-gigabit NIC
    * Control system LED studio: receiver interface, PCI sending card and software LED Studio.
    * Compatible to media software such as ARKOAS(grandVJ) LED studio etc!
    * Switch-mode power supply
    * Available in different sizes and pixel pitches(if the size you require is not advertised on our website please contact us:

We now have several different sizes and 7 different pixel pitch sizes:20mm, 25mm,30mm, 37.5mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. All are capable of doing video and are sold as complete kits. Kit includes:

• StarVisionLED LED Curtain
• Sending / Receiving Cards (DVI input)
• Video Effects Software
• Roadshow Case
• Shipping

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