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Inflatable Decorations

MADeffects Self inflating shapes can transform  your venue to support special nights, whether it's for a private or corporate party.

We can supply visual and special effects for private functions, weddings corporate events.

Hire, sale and support options available.

All units come with an integral internal light which can be switched on or off at the unit. The lamp is a standard ES27 fitting and can be changed by the user subject to a maximum wattage of 60W. 
A white lamp, colour scrolling LED or strobe lamp is offered. The colour scrolling lamps cannot be flashed on and off but if switched on at the same time, will change colours synchronously while the strobes have various flash rates that can be set.  

The whole unit is rigged by a bracket attached to the fan chassis. The bracket contains an 8mm hole for attaching a clamp such as a hook clamp or it can be rigged with a wire / chain. If in doubt about any rigging of equipment then consult a competent rigger.  Our products usually weigh around 3-4kg.

our Inflatable Decor Products

contact us if you have any special requirements : sales@madeffects.com