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cryogenics (co2 jets)

CO2 Jets are constantly gaining more and more popularity in the clubbing world becoming a new trend for some, and a must for the best. They can be seen in the best world wide knows clubs, especially on Ibiza, in France and of course in the UK. They are used in a variety of mass events – concerts, festivals of club music, as well as in marketing events and promotions, fairs and multiple special occasions.

What supports the constant growth of the CO2 Jets market?  The fog plumes created by our of CO2 Jets might reach up to 40 feet, which with the addition of the spectacular sound effect and the coolness of the decompressed CO2 leaves the audience thriving with joy that they will never forget. When the party and temperature in the club are reaching its peak, the use of the CO2 Jets decreases the temperature even to as little as 20 ºC providing the clubbers with the cool breeze effect and refreshment.

The advantages of MADeffects CO2 Jets:

  •       The unique effect with a massive potential
  •       Prices drastically lower than the prices of our competitors and we will beat the prices of any u.k or european competitor.
  •       In contrary with the conventional smoke machines our CO2 Jets do not produce the choking smoke
  •       CO2 is widely used in many industries and is really easy to get for supplier such as BOC gases in u.k.
  •       It does not leave any stains or dirt – as foam or popcorn does
  •       CO2 Jets may be operated by DMX dimmer pack
  •       Designed to be used indoors as well as outdoors
  •       The cool breeze effect caused by the decompression of the CO2 to the capacity which is almost 800 time bigger than the
  •       one bottle.

  • The video below is the effects of our Truss Mounted Programmable co2 jets.